International IP News Update

European Patents to Cover Moldova

As of 1 November 2015, European Patents will now take effect in the Republic of Moldova. This means it will now be possible to validate a European Patent application in Moldova, giving the same rights and legal protection as national patents granted in Moldova.

Canada Trade Mark Office Accepting Nice Classification

The Canadian Trade Mark Office (CIPO) has announced as of 28 September 2015 they will now be accepting trade mark applications filed using goods and services classified under the Nice Classification.

Algeria Joins the Madrid Protocol

As of 31 October 2015 the Madrid Protocol enters into force in Algeria. This means all contracting parties of the Madrid System are members of the Madrid Protocol with the Madrid System operating as a single treaty system.

New Trade Mark Law in the British Virgin Islands

As of 1 September 2015 a new trade mark law entered into force in the British Virgin Islands. The new law has abolished the two ways to register trade marks and has been consolidated into one.

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