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Specsavers seek to register 'should've' trade mark

Specsavers, the well known optician’s, has filed a trade mark application for SHOULD’VE in relation to optical goods and services.  Specsavers uses this term as part of its marketing, as part of the slogan, SHOULD’VE GONE TO SPECSAVERS, which is a registered trade mark.

Owners of earlier conflicting marks may oppose this application before 12 October 2016.

Other companies which have registered slogans are Nestlé, for HAVE A BREAK, Nike for JUST DO IT and Coca Cola for LOVE LIFE.

A trade mark registration gives its owner an exclusive monopoly to prevent third parties from using the same or similar mark in relation to the same or similar goods and services.  This is a very powerful tool to have in one’s armoury and for Specsavers, means that it can stop its competitors from using SHOULD’VE in their advertising or as brand names in the optical field.

Lynn Harris

18 August 2016