Infringement and other contentious matters

Dummett Copp attorneys are able to advise regarding all aspects of infringement or other contentious issues, such as ownership of patents.

In particular, whether you are the owner of the patent that is potentially being infringed by a third party, or a business concerned about potentially infringing another party’s patent, our attorneys are able to provide infringement reviews that clearly set out any potential risks.

In addition to our own comprehensive infringement reviews, we are also able to assist in obtaining a UK Patent Office infringement opinion, which provides a non-binding infringement opinion for any granted patent currently in force in the UK.

Dummett Copp attorneys are able to provide initial advice regarding the ownership of inventions and any resulting intellectual property such as patents.

If a potentially contentious issue is discovered then our attorneys are able to help you take the first step in resolving the matter. We would always try, in the first instance, to find an amicable settlement. In the event that further legal action is required, we work with a trusted and experienced member of legal counsel to bring the matter to a conclusion as swiftly and cost effectively as possible.